SAH D SIMONE: THE happiness equation

The Happiness Equation: At The Intersection of Science, Holistic Nutrition & Spirituality

Are you ready to delve deep into how our mind, body and spirit connect? In this evidence based workshop I will show you how to understand Happiness from a physiological, psychological and spiritual perspective! By the end of the workshop you will be well equipped with new tools to upgrade your life, setting yourself up for spiritual and happiness awakening.  

Neuroscience & The Blueprint Of The Mind

Neuroplasticity & The Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Gut & The Enteric Nervous System

How To Boost Your Happy Hormones Everyday

Turning Off Autopilot, Merge Conscious Goals With Subconscious Agreements

How To Eat For Energy & Lower inflammation, Eliminating Anxiety

The Main Causes Of Cravings, Primary Foods & The Energetics Of Food

The Yogic & Buddhist Contingency Plan For Enlightenment

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Technology & Yoga Postures To Tranquilize The Nervous System

Breath-work To Merge Left & Right Brain Hemispheres

The Science Behind Mantras & Affirmations.